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The Healthy Soup That Won't Kale Your Vibe

Have you been enticed to try the kale fad, but find this superfood a little too tough to keep you going? Names like "dinosaur kale" have you thinking of long-necked prehistoric creatures and not your kinda dinna for hosting friends on a Sunday night?

Well, if I can be Gooped into changing my eating habits from pizza, bagels and french fries to kale, ginger and matcha lattes, you can too! I never in a million years thought I would be writing about kale on a needlepoint blog... Literal lol. Yet, here we are, and it's that great.

First and foremost, kale is at its peak when enjoyed through the beautiful vehicle that is soup. Or smoothies, but definitely soup. Particularly when you feel like you're trapped in a somewhat Game of Thrones worthy winter.

Therefore, I have taken a dreamy soup passed down to me through a dope chick via the Hemsley Hemsley cookbook (pictured below) and added a bit of flair to make it my own and inevitably share the deliciousness with you... This soup lives in a culinary commune of a cookbook with a bunch of other healthy alternatives so be sure to add it to your reading list.

*Perfect for the Whole30 Wonder Woman and can be easily modified for Vegetarians

Serves 6 humans

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Moment of Discovery

I first had this magical concoction while working with my mentor and fellow foodie of sorts, Abby, from the cosmically chic Choix Home. Her cooking is as sensational as she is and I always look forward to putting our minds together and eating some delicious foods. Although The Art of Eating Well by Hemsley & Hemsley's Chicken Tinola Soup (pages 56-7) is to die for as instructed, I modified it a bit and added just a feeeeew more things to make it fire.

It's filling, good for you and good for the soul.

If you have been looking for some healthy lunches to bring to work, a recipe to show your mother you can make more than Annie's Mac & Cheese or to feed a bunch of ladies for a Stitch n' Bitch, here ya go, lady!

Below is the spark notes version I sent to my friend Allie, so please excuse my language...

The Goods

-Head of cabbage chopped

-3 Onions, diced

-8 cloves of garlic diced

-1 cup of coconut milk

-One pound of chicken or meat replacement, chopped

-Tsp. Of Cayenne Pepper

-Fresh parsley to your liking

-1/3 cup of tahini slash soy sauce

-f**k load of deliciously, freshly grated ginger aka about the size of your thumb

-Sh*t ton of Herbs de Provence aka 2 tsp- bonus points if you have the goods with lavender 

-1 bunch of Kale- rip greens off stems and chop or tear to bits

-6 carrots peeled and chopped

- Salt-N-Pepa to taste

-32 oz of Chicken Broth (2 boxes if you're not quiiiiiiite there in making your own). *Veggie broth or Bone broth are perfect alternatives!

How do I do this?

1. Chop that shiiiiiiiiiitt

2. Put all of the veggies (kale and carrots first if possible so they have time to soften!) in a big ol’ pot with the broth. Feel free to put kale and carrots first and then chop the rest.

3. Add minced garlic, coconut milk, then salt bae them spices, girl.

4. Fire that ish up on medium-low until water starts to boil.

5. Add chicken little.

6. Cook until chicken is cooked through.

7. Feed yo'self, feed ya friends.

8. Come back for seconds.

9. Bring it for lunch, have it for dinner the next day, make it once a week for the next few months.


If Colin Firth Were A Soup....

It's hot, it's steamy, seems to have a little bit of a other-worldly je ne sais quoi that will leave you wanting to come back for more. And wonder why it hasn't procreated. Just like Colin Firth.