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The Finishing Touch: Olivier The Owl

Hi Friends!!
I am so glad you are here!
After eyeing the brand new self-finishing jewelry cases by Planet Earth Fiber on instagram, I ran into Stitch Boutique before meeting a friend for lunch to see them in person. I had been doing my research for ages and had yet found a travel box that I really loved that could ensure some of my more fragile pieces wouldn't get crushed on the fly. Long story short, I am really picky and only buy things I love and I really loved this product and decided to give it a go.
The case comes in a few versatile colors and I hope the company plans to release more options i.e. color, sizes, inside fabrics etc. in the future. Structurally, this thing is really well made and is the perfect size for both long trips and your average weekend warrior. It will be the perfect companion for my self-finished valet tray. I have had not one, but two rings cut off in the emergency room after falling asleep in them... I also have been known to be called "Gretel" by my family and Mr. Oceans as I tend to leave shit everywhere. It's fine.
Anyways, the leather, the inside fabric and craftsmanship are top notch for this price point. In fact, they are far better than a few that I had seen double the price in Soho this past weekend. I believe I bought mine for $60.00 from Stitch Boutique along with a handful of Pepper Pot threads for an 18 mesh canvas.
Thorn Alexander Contemporary Needlepoint
I tend to be on the go quite a bit and I can now sleep easy knowing that my 14k gold hollow hoops aren't going to be ruined in-flight by the dude manspreading next to me. This 4.5" x 4. 5" x 2.5" treasure box currently holds six pairs of stud earrings, a number of stackable rings and pieces I have collected over the years from various artists in different cities. Although my H bracelets and bangles don't necessarily make the cut, I can fit several of my favorite go-tos for a variety of occasions. Perfect for cufflinks, stacking rings and family heirlooms. While I was super stoked to find this recent addition to the needlepoint world, I just needed a canvas applique that would fit my vibe. 
Thorn Alexander Contemporary Needlepoint
So, I painted one.
Thorn Alexander Contemporary Needlepoint
Then I stitched it everywhere I went. Including the Amtrak
Thorn Alexander Contemporary Needlepoint
and the MBTA, the flight from LGA to Logan.
Until I finished. This morning. Watching the Fyre Festival Documentary...
Thorn Alexander Contemporary Needlepoint
Below, I will let you in on some tips into finessing this little beast into the perfect gift for a loved one or yourself. Stay tuned as I am v inspired to create some more! 
Thorn Alexander Contemporary Needlepoint
Once you have finished stitching your canvas, check your back to make sure you have a clean, knot free weave. It would be a bummer to have done all this work and have a big bump on top of the final piece. Then measure both the stitched canvas and the insert for the self-finishing jewelry travel box. Notice how on the inside flap of the frame, there is a little bit of extra space. Your needlepoint should have at least one extra row of stitches beyond what is going to be displayed to ensure a flush framing. According to my measurements, although the opening is 3" x 3", you should have just under 3.25" x 3.25" stitched. Make sure all stitches have in fact been stitched!
Thorn Alexander Contemporary Needlepoint
Before you get started, please note that a local needlepoint shop (or one far away) would be more than happy to do this part for you. Get in touch with one of our Retailers for more info!
Getting Started: Trim the edges around your stitching. You can always trim off more if necessary.
Thorn Alexander Contemporary Needlepoint
Before you apply the patch to the box, I recommend that you take a rounded, blunt edge to the inside corners of the opening to loosen the binding. This could be a butter knife, just please don't stab yourself!! This will make it a bit easier for you to work your stitching into the corners. Once you feel like you've made the leather a bit more malleable, you're ready to start the applique.
Thorn Alexander Contemporary Needlepoint
Peel back the thin layer of paper protecting the sticky surface of the opening. I had to use some tweezers to get the bits wedged underneath the lip of the opening.
Once all of the pieces of the veil are removed, center your stitched piece as best you can and start to work your stitching into the edges. Also be sure that it is facing the right direction!!
Press in the middle and work your way toward the edges. Lift the lip of each edge and work the weave so that the stitched edge goes underneath the frame. Do this to opposite sides before you get to the corners.
This part was tricky for me so don't be discouraged. If you need to trim a bit to get to fit, feel free to do so, just be wary of how much you need to have a nice framing.
Thorn Alexander Contemporary Needlepoint
You did it!!  It's now time for me to fill some orders, plan a trip to take this little companion on and to design some more inserts!
Have a great day!!