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Southwestern Longhorn

thorn alexander contemporary needlepoint
This design was inspired by reflecting fondly on my childhood in Texas and semester abroad in Italy.
Vineyard Silk:
3x Midnight C-227 for a dark navy or Granite for a dark gray C-108 (dark color)
3 x Lipstick C-134 (red)
2x Naples Blue C-214 (light grayish blue) for a true to paint color or Reef Waters for a dark turquoise (That's what I'm doing on mine!)
1 x Champagne C-035
1 x Shell C-126
1 x Beach C-127
1 x Heron C-107
1 x Sky C-085
1 x North Sea Green C-203
Fyre Werks:
3 x FT12 Pewter for the silver border
If you prefer Silk & Ivory for more coverage in the background, I recommend Tamale and Midnight!