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Needlepoint Kits For Beginners

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Below you will find a few simple needlepoint kits for beginners. Our starter kits are designed to be easy enough for both kids and adults alike!  They include everything you need for getting started with your needlepoint project.

My soul stitching journey began at the age of twenty-one while I was living in an art gallery in London. It wasn't until then that I gave in and fulfilled my mother's wishes to start needlepointing. (She started when she was six!) It may have taken a couple of decades, but to my pride's dismay, I loved every second of stitching my first project.

If you can tie your shoe, you can 1000% needlepoint. Both kids and adults love sharing stories with us as to how needlepoint has added a positive creative outlet to their lives. We hope that you will find needlepoint to be a lifelong love for you, too.

While you can technically start with any canvas, I highly recommend starting with either our curated list below or with canvases with large blocks of color. 

You've got this!



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