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Brooke McGowan Needlepoint Illustration by Sophia Baraschi-Ehrlich

Illustration by the lovely Sophia Baraschi-Ehrlich

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To create is to love and that is the beginning and end of everything…

Brooke Thorn McGowan, 24, is a cheese enthusiast, painter and needlepoint designer currently living in New England. Due to her nomadic lifestyle and upbringing, Brooke’s artistic practice is dedicated to exploring art’s interaction and reflection through various cultures in society. This interest is often depicted in her work through a Grand Tour aesthetic of mixed styles and imagery, old and new.  

Both her wanderlusting curiosity and passion for cultivating her creativity have taken Brooke over the pond to over 25 cities in Europe including London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Edinburgh and Florence. At length, she has lived in London for seven months and Cortona, Italy for a semester.

Brooke first learned how to needlepoint three summers ago while living in an art gallery slash hippie commune of sorts in Europe. Needlepoint not only allowed her to create on the go, but to visually meditate whenever and wherever she wanted to. From long tube rides to unwinding at the end of an eventful day, she loved how stitching allowed her to create something that would eternalize that summer forever.  

When Brooke doesn't have her nose in a project, she can be found stationed at the snack table, dancing at live shows, in Dancer Pose at a yoga class or being towed from the back of a moving apparatus on a long board.

Thörn Alexander's commitment to plant trees stems from an inherent desire to leave the Earth better than one found it. Whether she was fly fishing in Telluride, Colorado, star gazing under the Texan sky or canoeing and cliff diving in the Adirondacks, nature has always been her biggest inspiration. As a result, she is partnered with One Tree Planted, a reforestation effort based in her home state, Vermont. 

Why Thörn Alexander?

En hommage to her European heritage and artistic ancestry, Brooke selected the names “Thorn” and “Alexandra” as they have been passed down Brooke’s family tree in the same fashion as the art of needlepoint. As chance would have it, before the the introduction of steel needles to the trade, thorns were often used to stitch needlework.

Brooke has been formally trained in a number of mediums from institutions such as The Rhode Island School of Design, St. Lawrence University, The University of Georgia's Lamar Dodd School and Teen Vogue Fashion University. These mediums include metal casting, intaglio etching, painting, magazine design, photography and color.