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Brooke Thorn McGowan Founder Thorn Alexander


Est. 2017 in Vermont

Thörn Alexander is committed to cultivating a creative community with a high social benefit as well as a low environmental impact by way of needlepoint. Our lively needlepoint kits are designed to shake things up a bit in style. Spread your creativity like wildfire with our globally-conscious collection!


Thörn Alexander's Founder, Brooke, is a 25 year old cheese plate enthusiast and needlepoint designer currently living in New England. Owning her own business is a dream come true so she can share her art and have the flexibility to travel the world. The most fulfilling parts of her job are giving back and seeing photos of how her clients incorporate her designs into their daily lives. 

Due to her nomadic lifestyle and upbringing, Brooke’s artistic practice has been dedicated to exploring art’s interaction and reflection through various cultures in society. This interest is often depicted in Brooke's work through mixed styles and imagery, old and new.

Her designs and brand are infused with messages of her world view in order to evoke an authentic extension of who she is and the pillars she chooses to be centric of her daily life and efforts.


Biggie Smalls Thorn Alexander Contemporary Needlepoint

Brooke began needlepointing while living in London a few summers ago. It definitely took some convincing to start. However, after a few rerun episodes of Game of Thrones and a few rows, she was hooked. 


An illustration by a beautiful friend, Sophia Baraschi-Ehrlich