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Thörn Alexander Team

Brooke Thorn McGowan Thorn Alexander Needlepoint

Brooke Thorn McGowan, Founder

Brooke is a twenty- six year old cheese plate enthusiast, wildlife aficionado and needlepoint designer. Due to her nomadic upbringing and deep love for history, Brooke’s artistic practice has been dedicated to exploring art’s interaction and reflection through various cultures in society. This interest is often depicted in her work through mixed styles and imagery, old and new. She has also been known to use her art to educate her audience about the fragility of our ecosystem.

In order to feed her starving artist and explore her interests further, she has actively pushed her creative potential through a series of programs and travels through St. Lawrence University (Canton, NY), Rhode Island School of Design (Providence, RI), the University of Georgia (The Lamar Dodd School in Cortona, Italy), The October Gallery (London, UK), The Institute of Ecotechnics (London, UK)

Brooke learned how to needlepoint a few summers ago while living in an art gallery in London. Needlepoint not only allowed her to create on the go, but to visually meditate whenever and wherever she wanted to. From long tube rides to unwinding at the end of an eventful day, she loved how stitching allowed her to create something that would eternalize that summer forever.

Spending time outside, sketching in museums, reading in a hammock and attending live shows with friends are her favorite ways to unwind. Traveling is the best way for her to get out of a creative rut and is ultimately the reason she started this business. After all, she was sitting in an airport when I decided to take the big leap and start Thorn Alexander.

She currently lives in New England with her partner, affectionately known on social media as Mr. Oceans. They will be moving to British Columbia this fall to pursue his career in developing tools to quantify and collect micro-plastics in the ocean. She is most looking forward to moving back to the mountains and to be inspired by her new surroundings. 

The names “Thorn” and “Alexander” have been passed down Brooke’s family tree in the same fashion as the art of needlepoint.

Cecilia Underwood Thorn Alexander

Cecilia Underwood, Chief Kitting Officer

Cecilia is Brooke’s bubbly second-in-command and the fan favorite at our local Post Office. From California to The Cape, the various landscapes Ceci grew up in inform her love to explore different parts of the world. Although Massachusetts is where she calls home, you could say she rarely stays in the U.S. for long. In fact, we are so grateful to have her part of the team while she’s here! She is a Francophile who loves to bake cupcakes and make people laugh. She runs marathons both in the US and abroad, but doesn’t actually like to run lol. Casual, right?– To no surprise to those who know her, she is in it for friendships with other runners (and the occasional medal or two!).  She started working for Thörn Alexander after a few years in Boston at New Balance Corporate, and in Bordeaux, France as an Au Pair.  Cecilia is fairly new to the needlepoint community, but has grown to love it after taking up the hobby her great-grandmother adored.

She is Brooke's Girl Friday and is your girl when it comes to writing handwritten thank you notes, getting your orders out once they have been painted and just all around keeping the morale high. As long as she has had her daily dose of chocolate, she will do her absolute best to get all of your orders out on time!


Sheila Murray Thorn Alexander

Sheila Murray, Residential Yogi and Sustainability Enthusiast

Sheila is a world wanderer, foodie, and wellness enthusiast. She grew up in New Hampshire and has been living in the Boston area for the past 4 years. She worked in sales and project management before she took the leap to follow her passion for fitness full time— working as an Assistant Manager at an Adventure Training Center (BKBX). Sheila is getting ready to pack up her Boston life and embark on her bucket list trip through Europe. She’ll be with her travel partner and boyfriend, James, hiking and eating their way through 5+ countries. You can follow her travel via her instagram @shetravls .

We are so lucky to have Sheila newly on board to create our weekly newsletter, Soul Stitch Sunday With Sheila! We look forward to filling your inbox with a bit of positivity, love and creativity each Sunday. The newsletter will be where we will be sharing with you songs we are playing on repeat, wonderful things happening in the world, little reminders to take care of yourself and some words to inspire you each week. Most importantly, we will also be showing off your stitching!

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Thorn Alexander contemporary needlepoint canvas

The three girls met the first day of freshman year at St. Lawerence University and have been buddies ever since