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Our Mission

Thörn Alexander is a nom de guerre for everything that I love about this world, lovingly packaged up in a reimagined interpretation of needlepoint. It is also a form of activism, stemming from a fundamental artistic practice I have been developing for the last thirteen years. Since it’s inception, my mission through Thorn Alexander, has been committed to growing a creative community with a high social benefit as well as a low environmental impact by way of needlepoint.

How I have upheld that mission has evolved over the years as I learn and grow and it will certainly constantly evolve and grow in the future. For the long haul.

I am caucasian, I am privileged and there are reparations to be made.

With that said, inspired by Aurora James's 15% Pledge and Leah Thomas of @greengirlleah, Thorn Alexander will commit 15% of profits to initiatives fighting for intersectional environmentalism. Indefinitely. I will also strive to reach carbon neutral, eliminate plastic and create jobs and spaces for BIPOC.

What does Intersectional Environmentalism mean? I will leave it up to Leah to share with you via a link to her Vogue piece , “Why Every Environmentalist Should Be Anti-Racist” .

Each month, we will be highlighting and donating to a variety of organizations that fulfill these goals. I am also committed to making big waves in the needlepoint industry, more info on actions to follow soon!

For the rest of June and for the month of July, 15% of profits will be distributed to Harlem Grown and Urban Ocean Lab founded by Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson.

Black Lives Matter. Black Trans Lives Matter. No matter who you love, who you pray to for comfort or what you look like, you are welcome here.

I don’t give a flying f**k if you don't buy from me as a result.

We’re just getting started, but we’ll keep our foot on the gas.

With oceans of love,

Brooke, Founder