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Hermès Hippie
Hermès Hippie

Hermès Hippie

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There's no such thing as an identity crisis... You can still be a hippie and wear Hermès!

This canvas is perfect for the fashion lover, the equestrienne or your favorite master of mixing and matching. 

Dimensions: 13" W x 12" H

Mesh Size: 13

Hand stitch-painted pattern made with love in every stitch.

Please note that canvases come neither stitched nor kitted. If you would like a list of recommended threads, please refer to our "Thread Pairings" section or let us know.

Not in stock? Be sure to reach out to be added to our waiting list or order from one of our retailers!

Each canvas is will arrive with edges taped and include two needles by the artist. It does not include threads. Please allow 2-3 weeks to ship. In the event that you need the canvas sooner, fill out our contact form with availability inquiry.