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Needlepoint Reimagined

Contemporary needlepoint kits and canvases, consciously reimagined to stitch the stories of your life into lasting heirlooms.

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In effort to save some trees, we are are taking our field guide digital! Step-by-step instructions for learning your new favorite outlet to unwind

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Slow Style For People & The Planet

We are a tiny, female-founded business composed by a brother & sister duet. Thorn Alexander is a passion project with purpose, driven in cultivating a creative community, meaningful mindfulness and pathways forward for people and the planet.

Our canvases are hand-painted with love in small batches, while our threads are sourced from fellow small, family-run businesses. Our goal with this one walk on Earth is to enrich an ecosystem of makers and shakers around the world with impact while doing good in the process.

10% of profits are given forward to missions fighting for intersectional* environmentalism. These organizations are selected in effort to empower vulnerable women and children, create educational pathways out of poverty and protect our planet.

From our family to yours, we hope that these needlepoint kits help you find mindfulness and empowerment in your own life while uplifting others around the world. Designed to last, your stitches will be enjoyed for generations to come.

*Intersectional is a term coined by Professor Kimberlé Crenshaw in 1989.

Everlasting Daydreams

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“Luxury is in each detail.”

-Hubert de Givenchy



I think the needlepoint community is the world's best kept secret. But let's shout it from the mountain tops, shall we? 

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xo, Brooke

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happy stitchers

These modern makers are diving into canvases with contemporary style, quips, colors, and creativity, grabbing moments of zen sewing a Warhol-esque image of Tupac or a Bowie-inspired belt, reviving a threatened art through a new lens and adding some humor, leaving everyone in stitches.  

Lorin Gaudin, Country Roads Magazine

Call it a girl crush - stitch crush - stalking - whatever you want - but I love this site - and I love your work. thats all. just wanted to tell you.

P. Pelligrini, Needlepointer

I say we're experiencing a needlepoint revolution in Omaha.  The young women are taking to it like crazy.  It's only taken 10 years to get here, but it's been worth it.  Makes us rethink our design orders.  So glad you popped up on the scene. 

Mary De Souza, Needlepoint Shop Owner

Cancellation and Return Policy

Due to the nature of the matter that each canvas is a hand-painted piece of art, I am unable to accept any returns or cancellations after the order has been processed.

Established in Vermont | Designed in British Columbia | Based in Salt Lake City