Behind The Seams

 Thörn Alexander is a nom de guerre of sorts for everything that I love about this world, lovingly packaged up in a reimagined interpretation of needlepoint. This collection is composed as a tangible map of my outlook on life, experiences that move me and a drive to do some good in the process. Our look evokes a lifelong curiosity for stories of wonder, art history and architectural features along narrow streets. They tell stories of my travels, my loves and loss. The love for laying among wildflowers along the mountainside and climbing to the roof of Africa. With colorful interpretations of the world around us, I hope my collection inspires you to ignite your creative potential.

Inspired by old school design,  new wave philosophies and a love for the art of the mix, I strive to create timeless treasures with a hint of edge. Each piece serves as a collaborative artwork for you to develop and make your own at your own pace, wherever life takes you. Change the colors, add unexpected textures, turn your in-between moments into tangible maps of your life.

Striving to create a meaningful product that champions slow-production, high-quality craftsmanship and sustainability, I make every effort to work with family-run businesses, make sustainable packaging swaps and produce in small batches. From our families to yours, it is our dream to empower our planet with treasured textiles and heirlooms from seed to stitch.