Collection: Needlepoint Christmas Stocking Ornaments

No matter which winter holiday festivities you honor with loved ones each year, we hope they are filled with love and joy and invite you to celebrate with us! Brooke has created an edited collection of contemporary needlepoint stocking ornaments with her friend Kate to help create lasting memories for years, and even generations to come.

Tuck inside tickets to the aquarium or a matchbox from a favorite restaurant. Include an envelope with a note filled with love and old photographs. Fill it with gift cards for a student or a road tripper. Use it as an element for a special scavenger hunt clue! Treat yourself to a fancy lipstick or a few. I've even heard of some folx including a ring or two. The possibilities are endless.

This is our very first collection of finished products and we are filled with delight to share with you that women and children have been empowered at every stage of the process. Click below on the array of canvases to learn more about how bringing these stockings into your home supports families around the world.

For every stocking sold, we will plant a tree with our reforestation partner, One Tree Planted.

Sorry, there are no products in this collection